Rockpool – ‘rock .pu:l /
safe, secure, inclusive, reflective, contemplative, vibrant with life, habitat.

Welcome to Rockpool Aged Care South East Queensland​

Rockpool has reimagined and redefined residential aged care. Creating environments where residents can and do live better. Connected to their loved ones and surrounded by people who care.

Everyone has a story. A lifetime of experiences that have shaped who they are and how they live.

For us, being part of that story is a privilege – Helping and supporting our residents, getting to know their families, celebrating who they are, nurturing their individuality and providing restorative care that allows them to live better.

A safe, secure, inclusive and restorative environment

Design reimagined
Spacious, self-contained rooms provide residents with their own private sanctuary, but with enough space to host and entertain family and friends.
Food for the soul
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Rockpool is a culinary experience, with delicious and nutritious chef prepared meals made onsite.
Community and connection
Thoughtfully designed and built communities are the best practice approach prioritises care, support and enables meaningful friendships between residents.

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A safe, secure, inclusive and restorative environment to help residents live better


Stepping foot in to one of Rockpool’s four aged care homes in South East Queensland feels like walking into a resort or hotel, rather than an aged care facility.

While the quality of accommodation and care is second none, it is also affordable and accessible

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