Innovative Ai Falls detection trial taking place at Rockpool

Rockpool has strong focus on utilising innovation to provide the best care possible. Yesterday saw the commencement of the second stage of a trial conducted with Southern Cross University into A new device that aims to reduce falls, providing real-time alerts in case of a fall. It uses sensors to monitor residents’ movements and interactions. It is aware of what is a normal, such as sitting in a chair or lying on a bed. Conversely it knows it is not normal to interact with the ground by laying on it. also tracks trends and sends an alert when it detects abnormal behaviour. The has been underway for several months now, with baseline reporting already being captured for those participating.

Rockpool Chairman, Bill Summers, told Australian Ageing Agenda “The sooner a fall is detected, the sooner the assessment of any injury can be affected. As with any trauma, the sooner the interventions are made, the adverse outcomes are minimised. Faster response times also minimise the psychological impact of shock and distress”.

The full article here.

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