The Team

We provide remarkable care every day.
Loretta Creevey- General Manager


Every staff member at Rockpool Morayfield believes in the ethos of Rockpool. To provide a safe, secure, inclusive environment, to enable contemplation and reflection on our actions and motivations, to create a vibrant joyful home full of creativity and diversity

Aged Care Group Rockpool

Loretta Creevey

General Manager

Desma-Ann Van Rosendal

Quality & Culture Manager

With over 25 years in Aged Care, Desma has filled a variety of positions across Australia including Quality and Compliance Manager, Staff Development and Training Manager, Facility Manager, Chief Executive, Industry Consultant, Quality Assessor and Mediator. Desma is skilled in change management and team development. She is passionate about creating a culture that values cooperation and collaboration to achieve common goals. Desma believes that by leading and partnering with team members, a sense of community is built which empowers the team to provide care and services in a way that enhances the quality of life for those who live in residential aged care. Desma has no doubt that Rockpool is an organisation that can offer these values to any resident seeking residential care.

Jenny List

ACFI Co-ordinator

Jenny has had over 20 years Registered Nursing experience throughout Queensland and Northern Territory Health Service. The last 10 years, Jenny has specialized in Aged Care and values devotion and diligence in the industry. Currently, as Admissions Coordinator, Jenny ensures that residents and their families are given a smooth transition into care and feel supported throughout the journey. By capturing resident’s life stories, she has been able to personalize the resident experience. She believes that Rockpool should make everyone feel at home.

Keanna-Lee Harmatz

Lifestyle Officer

Passionate about enabling elders to experience their individual journey to achieve wellbeing and comfort in their own way.
Keanna has worked in the aged care sector for 5 years and is committed to supporting residents and their family to enjoy and have fun each day in the best way possible.
Keanna is also a former Eden associate and has a passion to make people life as enjoyable as possible.
Keanna enjoys having fun and is loving and caring.
In her spare time Keanna enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Brandon del Rosario


I am a professionally trained chef with a business education in culinary management. I have over 15 years of experience in food and hospitality and have worked for a number of well-known venues and chef elites, including the Annual Grammys Awards in the U.S and Wolfgang Puck.
I always strive for excellence and I am passionate about delivering the best quality service. When I am not working, I love to enjoy my time surfing or rock climbing.

Jason Cormac

Maintenance Manager

Jason is a dedicated full-time single parent to a 5-year-old boy.
He has been with the Rockpool family since before opening and is committed to providing rapid and certified response to any request for works or assistance.
Jason also drives the bus and accompanies residents on outings.
In his spare time Jason enjoys fishing, camping and all outdoor activities with his son.

Candice Webb

Administration Manager

With over 17 years’ experience in Aged Care, Candice has shown a great deal of passion and drive within the industry. She is dedicated to making everyone’s day, going the extra mile however she can, to enrich and enhance the lives of residents and her team. Candice truly believes in making Rockpool a Remarkable home for everyone.

Jeanine Adant


Jeanine is the Receptionist at Rockpool Residential Aged Care Facility.
She has recently moved to Australia with her family all the way from South Africa.
She has been with Rockpool since commissioning and is the core of the Reception.
Jeanine is passionate about Aged Care and making a difference in the lives of the Residents at Rockpool.
When Jeanine has free time, she enjoys being with her family in the outdoors and playing sport.


Nurses, Hospitality Services, Admin, Everyone

These are the people who really make Rockpool a remarkable place.
Always with a smile and a welcome greeting, there are many wonderful people who do their very best every day to make the lives of everyone around them better every day.

Too many to list here, we encourage you to come in and meet the team yourselves.

I am here to ensure that Rockpool provides you and your family the remarkable care that you deserve every day.

Rocky, The Wonder Dog


The Wonder Dog

Rocky is a medium sized dog of an ancient breed that is the Lagotto Romagnolo meaning a water dog from The Romagna sub-region of Italy.

or if you prefer an Italian Truffle Hound.

He is very loving ,loyal with very sharp senses and is an excellent swimmer. He adores water and digging.

His soft wooly coat is dense and curly and doesn’t shed, as such is Hypoallergenic. He will need regular grooming.

He are very gentle and affectionate but a very keen digger.

He is specifically chosen to have the white and brown fur to assist people with limited vision to be able to see him more easily.

He is undergoing a lot of training to ensure he is obedient and well trained.

He is certain to provide joy every day as he offers companionship and unconditional love.

Did you know that pers result in

- Less visits to the Doctor
- On average lower cholesterol and blood pressure
- Recover more quickly from illness
- Deal better with stress and
- Less loneliness

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