Rockpool – ‘rok .pu:l /
safe, secure, inclusive, reflective, contemplative, vibrant with life, habitat.

Life reimagined by Rockpool Residential Aged Care

Rockpool celebrates and nurtures its residents by delivering exceptional care in a safe, secure and supportive environment.

Every resident has a story.

A lifetime of experiences that have shaped who they are and how they live.

For us, being part of that story is a privilege – our caring team dedicates time getting to know residents and their families, celebrating who they are, nurturing their individuality and providing the care and assistance they need.

Life reimagined

Design reimagined
Spacious, self-contained rooms provide residents with their own private sanctuary, but with enough space to host and entertain family and friends.
Food for the soul
Breakfast, lunch and dinner at Rockpool is a culinary experience, with delicious and nutritious chef prepared meals made onsite.
Community and connection
Thoughtfully designed and built communities support 15 residents, with a shared lounge and dining area located at the heart. This best practice approach prioritises care, support and enables meaningful friendships between residents.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Rockpool offers exceptional care within thoughtfully designed communities where residents can live as individuals and where families are encouraged to be involved and visit regularly.

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