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Rockpool  –

‘rock .pu:l / n
safe, secure, inclusive,
reflective. contemplative
vibrant with life, habitat

With a focus on helping our residents to live better, Rockpool is a privately owned, fully accredited Aged Care Provider offering Residential, Respite and specialist Memory Support care.

At Rockpool. we can tailor a finance package to suit individual needs. Everybody wins.

Michael Watson, Chief Financial Officer


At Rockpool we believe in celebrating and nurturing the individual. Embracing people from all walks of life. Creating diverse communities where each and every member is supported and encouraged to live their best life – connected to loved ones and supported by people who care.


It’s quite simple. If we want staff to look after our residents and make their lives better – we need to look after our staff. To provide them with a supportive and nurturing environment. To acknowledge and recognise their work and contribution. To provide flexibility. To understand that they have a life outside of work – that kids get sick and need to go to the dentist. To offer a career path, not just a job.


In 2016, Bill Summers, one of the aged care industry’s most respected leaders, together with experienced industry colleagues co-founded Rockpool Residential Aged Care. With a passion and drive to create a facility unlike any other, they have conceived, developed and built the flagship Rockpool Morayfield Centre.


Each and every member of the Rockpool team has been carefully selected – from our nursing staff, to our carers, chefs, caretakers and everyone in between. Our team is made up of passionate and caring individuals who want to make a difference. Who share and own the Rockpool vision.


At Rockpool we’re about nurturing the individual – staff and residents alike. About creating environments where people live their best life. Where staff have the support, scope and encouragement they need to help us realise our vision. Where they feel valued and receive the training and professional development they need to grow and evolve.


To reimagine and redefine aged cared. Creating vibrant, safe, secure and inclusive environments where residents can and do live better. Connected to loved ones and surrounded by people who care. Supported in living their life, their way.


Rockpool’s Board includes some of the sectors most highly regarded professionals. Each possesses the experience, expertise and passion required to bring the Rockpool vision to fruition.

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