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Leading the Rockpool Team of dedicated professionals are these highly qualified and experienced managers.

We provide remarkable care every day.
Loretta Creevey- General Manager

Aged Care Group Rockpool

Loretta Creevey

General Manager

Passionate about enabling our elders to experience their individual journey to achieve wellbeing and comfort in their own way, Loretta leads the Rockpool Morayfield Team. Known for her passion and compassion, Loretta is committed to supporting Residents, families and teams to enjoy each day in the best way possible. Loretta has over 20 years experience in Aged Care and has lead teams across Australia in rural, urban and coastal settings as a Director of Nursing, Facility Manager and Aged Care Consultant.

Loretta understands that being present, listening and focusing on each resident and his or her family is what is important. Her career has been focused on creating vibrant homes that provide innovative clinical care, meaningful life experiences, the highest quality of hospitality and highly engaged teams.

When Loretta is not spending time at the facility helping and supporting Residents, families and the team she will be at the beach enjoying the water, or cooking and enjoying time with her family and three children.


Every staff member at Rockpool Morayfield believes in the ethos of Rockpool. To provide a safe, secure, inclusive environment, to enable contemplation and reflection on our actions and motivations, to create a vibrant joyful home full of creativity and diversity

I am here to ensure that Rockpool provides you and your family the remarkable care that you deserve every day.

Rocky, The Wonder Dog


The Wonder Dog

Rocky is a medium sized dog of an ancient breed that is the Lagotto Romagnolo meaning a water dog from The Romagna sub-region of Italy.

or if you prefer an Italian Truffle Hound.

He is very loving ,loyal with very sharp senses and is an excellent swimmer. He adores water and digging.

His soft wooly coat is dense and curly and doesn’t shed, as such is Hypoallergenic. He will need regular grooming.

He are very gentle and affectionate but a very keen digger.

He is specifically chosen to have the white and brown fur to assist people with limited vision to be able to see him more easily.

He is undergoing a lot of training to ensure he is obedient and well trained.

He is certain to provide joy every day as he offers companionship and unconditional love.

Did you know that pers result in

- Less visits to the Doctor
- On average lower cholesterol and blood pressure
- Recover more quickly from illness
- Deal better with stress and
- Less loneliness

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