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Rockpool has reimagined and redefined aged care. We have Created environments where residents can and do live better, where staff are valued and provided with the scope and support to thrive.  

Are you an experienced aged care professional looking for somewhere better? Somewhere where you’re valued? Given the time to actually care? In a supportive and nurturing environment where you’re encouraged to grow, develop and pursue your passions and interests?

Are you passionate about aged care and helping and supporting the elderly? Is your work more than just a job? Are you searching for a position where you can really make a difference?

Yes? Then we’d really like to hear from you.

Join our team of passionate, caring and committed aged care professionals.

Meet new and interesting people, learn new skills and give back to the community.


It’s quite simple. If we want staff to look after our residents and make their lives better – we need to look after our staff. To provide them with a supportive and nurturing environment. To acknowledge and recognise their work and contribution. To provide flexibility. To understand that they have a life outside of work – that kids get sick and need to go to the dentist. To offer a career path, not just a job.


At Rockpool we’re about nurturing the individual – staff and residents alike. About creating environments where people live their best life. Where staff have the support, scope and encouragement they need to help us realise our vision. Where they feel valued and receive the training and professional development they need to grow and evolve.


To reimagine and redefine aged cared. Creating vibrant, safe, secure and inclusive environments where residents can and do live better. Connected to loved ones and surrounded by people who care. Supported in living their life, their way.

Rockpool  –

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safe, secure.
reflective. contemplative, inclusive
vibrant with life, habitat

Opening August 2019

The flagship Rockpool Morayfield Centre is expected to open in August 2019. Register your interest to stay up to date with our progress as we reimagine and redefine aged care in Australia.